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Not awful but not worth it.

I read LOTS of reviews leading up to ordering from this website. I seemed mixed but most said that if you did you research, looked at the measurements, read reviews/saw reviewers photos that you could find some diamonds in the rough...

WELL I spent a few weeks, way too many hours researching, plotting, doing my due diligence to make sure my order wasn't a flop and I still am returning everything.

All of the items I purchased were rated 4.5 stars or 5. All KIND OF fit even though I ended up getting XL's in almost everything even though I'm a medium... The major problems were:
- The cut of the items (tiny shoulders even with a large torso or fit well everywhere except my hips which is not a trouble spot I ever deal with...)
- The quality was awful (sewing job was ok, materials were MEH to touch but really uncomfortable on. I also felt like washing anything would automatically ruin it forever)

I was unimpressed and disappointed with my items, but hung them up in my closet because they were "wearable." A week later I thought to myself- I never want to put those things on my body, I would rather spend the money on ONE nice item than 5 pieces of crap that I don't want to wear. So- returning it all.

You're probably wondering why I'm giving them TWO stars? Well- customer service is super on top of everything, shipping was fast and hassle free, and returns are a breeze.

It seems like SHEIN is certain women's cup of tea, but in hind sight most of those satisfied customer pictures were teenage girls with tiny bodies...
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1 review
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What is Trustpilot? Trustpilot is a review community. We help consumers everywhere find companies they can trust.

What is Trustpilot?
Trustpilot is a review community. We help consumers everywhere find companies they can trust.
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1 review
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Good enough.

SheIn may be worth looking into for some and may be a plague for others. You won't find the best clothes in the world on SheIn, but you can probably find something that works out just fine considering the chump change you gave for it. If you're lucky, you might even find something that you totally love.

Common advice: read the reviews. Look for the reviews with pictures, preferably of customers actually wearing the item. Check the negative reviews to see what people had a problem with; maybe you can deal with an issue that they couldn't stand. (ex. A lot of the clothes come very thin, but there are customers who mind that as much as others.) Sometimes you'll also find 5-star reviews, but the actual content of the review is negative as well. They're probably misclicks. If the reviews are too vague, I'd stay away from the product. However, some products will have pages of reviews to go off of, and if that's the case, you're bound to find some more detailed ones in the bunch. It's good to stay skeptical, though I've found the reviews on the site that I've gone through so far can be trusted.

Sizing is always tricky with these types of sites. Reviewers are pretty good about letting others know how it fits on their own body type in hopes of enlightening future customers. Everything I've bought so far has fit me just fine thanks to choosing my sizing based on those reviews. There's even a survey by each reviewed item telling customers whether others found it running small, large, or true to size according to the product description. Even the one-size items are pretty good.

I tend to place my orders in small amounts, typically no more than a $20 including the shipping/return insurance, which I'll get to in a second. It seems kind of pessimistic, but I always go in with the mindset of, "How mad will I be if I waste $4 on an item that I end up not liking?" My very first order on SheIn was a $25 hoodie, and everything turned out really great, but for me that's still a risk I would only recommend taking once in a while if at all.

Standard shipping to the US is actually free on this site, although shipping insurance is $2.99, which still isn't terrible. The insurance is optional, and I've placed an order without it before and have had no issues. Paying the insurance allows you to skip paying the handling fee for returns. I'll opt of paying the shipping insurance fee if the order is super cheap (which, for me, is maybe anything less than $7) because sometimes I can stand losing out on a couple bucks in case I don't like a product. Sometimes I'll pay more for food that I regret buying, so in my head it's not that huge of a consequence. I've also never had any big problems with shipping, although recently I noticed a discrepancy between the SheIn site and the USPS site in terms of tracking my package (I'll add screenshots below). Normally, I don't have to wait more than two weeks for any order.

All in all, SheIn's a pretty good site for supplementing your wardrobe, but I don't recommend it being your primary source for clothing and accessories. You generally get what you pay for, and anything at a dirt cheap price may just end up being dirt cheap quality.

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